Student Comments from World Regional Geography

“Mr. Kocher made geography interesting and relevant to my life and future career. I never thought of geography in the way he taught before this class and I am so glad I chose this class! I would recommend this course to anyone of my friends or fellow students.” –  OSU student, Autumn 2014
“You are an awesome teacher. You made the class so much fun to go to because of your passion for teaching and for the material. It has been my favorite class so far and I thought I was going to hate it. Keep doing what you're doing! I have no complaints.” – OSU student, Autumn 2014

"One of the best and most intellectually stimulating classes I have ever taken at Ohio State. Professor Kocher was a great professor and I would recommend him for anyone!" – OSU student, Spring 2014

"Austin's passion for teaching is obvious and his positive attitude combined with his teaching is contagious. He genuinely cares about us as students and people and is able to connect on a more personable level which really helps when learning. He broke past the stereotypical geography class and made it into something more that had depth, character, and great utility all while still making complete sense. Overall, he is a fantastic teacher and I definitively recommend him for anyone. My only regret is not having him for my other classes." – OSU student, Spring 2014

"By far the BEST instructor I have ever had!Always excited in teaching the subject, very friendly and wanting to help as much as he could. Learned a lot from taking his class and made me keep an open mind in learning about other cultures and people. So glad to be apart of his class and would love to have him again.  – OSU student, Autumn 2013

"Mr. Kocher is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever had. I would encourage anyone to take his class." – OSU student, Autumn 2013